About BPRP Consulting

BPRP is a small disadvantaged business (SDB) that has been providing a wide range of process improvement, programmatic, operational, strategic, and knowledge management services to private sector and senior Department of Defense (DoD) civilian and military leaders since 2008.

BPRP offers process improvement consulting and training services to the public and private sectors to transform cultures and produce cutting-edge operational and financial breakthroughs. BPRP’s practitioners provide the highest caliber of facilitation, change management, and project management services to help our clients achieve their goals and engage and equip their workforce with the knowledge, tools, and experience needed to sustain the results over time. We have a proven track record of providing strategic planning, organizational assessment, and process improvement services, helping to transform both government and private sector businesses to achieve world-class performance.

Over the years, BPRP has developed an approach that combines employee engagement with integrated continuous process improvement (CPI). This comprehensive methodology unlocks the ideas of employees at all levels in the organization, delivers a culture that inspires people to seek out opportunities for continuous improvement across all business functions, and delivers real benefits to our customers. By engaging employees and creating a deep sense of ownership, improvements are both transformative and sustainable.

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