Veteran Affairs ADVISOR

BPRP is a sub-contractor on Veteran Affairs Agile Delivery of VA Imminent Strategic and Operational Requirements (ADVISOR) contract. This 5-year multi-award IDIQ is designed to assist VA programs execute cross-agency initiatives and achieve strategic priorities that ultimately improve outcomes for VA customers.

  • Studies and Data Analyses – covers a range of topics from staffing & HR, organizational effectiveness, process efficiency, gap analysis, and using customer surveys, focus groups, ethnography, and data visualization.
  • Information Records Management – solutions to compile, evaluate, analyze, control, secure, and disseminate timely, relevant, objective, and accurate data and information to VA and VA stakeholders
  • Business Process Reengineering, Improvement and Management – develop implementation plans and support the process of implementing and sustaining improvements.
  • Change Management & Transition – support quality management systems, tools, and techniques to help VA organizations transform, including Lean Six Sigma (LSS), ISO 9000/9001, and the Malcolm Baldrige Quality Award criteria
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